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Monday, February 06, 2006

Sunny weather for Super Bowl Sunday race

So, after a brief hiatus from races, and not very regular training, I ran the Kaiser Permanente San Francisco Half Marathon on SuperBowl Sunday, February 5, 2006. Not a personal best for sure, but I completed the course and enjoyed the crowds and scenery along the way. Unfortunately, due too my lack of training, my calf muscles began to cramp up in the last three miles, forcing me to slow down so that I could continue moving. It was somewhat painful and a bit embarassing when a wave of leg cramps forced me to hobble stiff-legged for a handful of steps every few minutes.

While walking to the race start I met a fellow runner and we navigated to the start line together. A business student in San Francisco, this was her second half-marathon. I hope she had a better (or at least less painful) race than I did. I also greeted a fellow MSTP running with his wife along the course--they seemed to be enjoying themselves and looked to be on pace for a strong finish. I had been thinking about running the race with my cousin's girlfriend, Erika, but she had not had time to train adequately and so decided not to race.

My overall time was 1:40:39, for about a 7:41 min/mile average rate over the 13.1 mile race. I graphed my mile-by-mile data which shows the slowing in the last few miles of the race.


At 11:54 PM, Blogger Ketunuti said...

I like the graphs! How do you make them? I feel that if you're going to work that hard running a race, you want to make sure to analyze it, make regression curves, p-values, confidence intervals etc. Well done with the race.

At 7:54 AM, Anonymous Geoff said...

Thank you! I use a simple graphing feature in the spreadsheet program, Microsoft Excel, to make the graphs. It's fairly easy to get best fit curves, even a regression analysis if you like. The trick to making them readable is to increase the font size and remove excess lines. Essential, of course, are stopwatch laptimes from the race itself.


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